We're on a mission to earn you substantial cash back rewards and help children's hospitals across Canada

Not only do we provide the convenience of creating a personalized "Shop 2 Save" Prepaid Visa Card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted online, but we also believe in the power of unity and giving back. As a testament to this belief, we proudly donate 5% of our revenue to Children's Hospitals across Canada. By joining our growing community, you become part of a movement that is passionate about making a positive difference.

Here's how it works: For every dollar of revenue generated from your purchases through Shop 2 Save, we deposit 45% into your e-wallet account. Additionally, when someone you refer makes a purchase, you'll receive an extra 5% reward. Furthermore, 5% of our revenue directly contributes to Children's Hospitals in Canada. It's a win-win-win situation, where we all benefit and make a lasting impact together.

Let's unite and make a positive impact with Shop 2 Save.